1 February 2024 | LET ME JUMP, new disc !


“We took immense pleasure in creating this record and composing, bringing together our five sensitivities and personalities, allowing all our desires without any formatting or constraints.
Our motto has been freedom.
Freedom to compose, laugh, create as we see fit. Also, to embrace the shadow and light within each of us…
This fourth record has also been an outlet on many levels, a joyful organized chaos, an artistic summer camp.
This opus is for you if you want to feel the spiritual and festive atmosphere of the Highlands in My Arms, the rock and festive energy of a group in Let Me Jump, imagine yourself in an Irish pub downing one or two pints in Bernie’s Old Pub, transform into a rebellious pirate like Johnny Depp for a handful of seconds on Devil’s Island, and then leave you sweaty on Play Play Play.”

Available February 8, 2024

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